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NASCAR Cartoon Network Wacky Racing


To bring exposure to a consumer product and promotion business, Cartoon Network teamed up with Hanna-Barbera to launch a multi-year family oriented NASCAR team. In a sport that has been dominated by traditional core sponsors, the challenge was to break the mold and gain awareness bringing kids and families to the sport.

Cartoon Network's culture is one of fun and irreverence and the Wacky Racing brand needed to extend that image. With images of Fred Flintstone, Dino, a bug splat and Muttley dumping tacks off the back bumper, "wacky-ness" was incorporated everywhere. The scope of the project included everything from the identity, car graphics, car transporter, uniforms, pit graphics, merchandise, merchandise transporter and support collateral. ...and YES, those are tire tracks running across the pit crew uniforms.

Cartoon Network Wacky Racing logo Cartoon Network Wacky Racing Nascar Car
Cartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR PitcrewCartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR Driver
Cartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR car top viewCartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR Trailer
Cartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR StyleguideCartoon Network Wacky Racing NASCAR Merchandise