DEFINE – The success of any solution is based on how well you define the problem. This is why working closely with you gathering information about your business and your unique project is so important. Depending on the scope of the project we will look at your organization’s vision and values, culture, target markets, services or products, marketing strategy, strengths and weaknesses. The purpose is to understand your business and to outline the needs and objectives of the project and establish a design criteria.

RESEARCH – We now dive in deep and gain a truer understanding of your project and how it relates to the world around us - this is our "fact finding" phase. More times than not, this includes creating Project Boards that contain visual reference on your business, industry, and competition. The Project Boards are then used in the next stage to aid in the creative process.

CREATE – Our right brain kicks into overdrive in this phase and the possibilities start forming. Armed with our Project Boards and using our Design Criteria as a guide, we sift through all this information to find that one (or more) "Big Idea" that is unique, answers your objectives and sets your project apart from everything else. This is the "A-HA!" phase.

DELIVER – Once the design concept has been approved then we start bringing it into reality. This includes applying the design to multiple "touchpoints", such as websites, packaging, printed collateral, tradeshow environments, etc. At this point all that hard work pays off and the target market starts to interact with the project or brand.