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Juicing NuGreens


With juicing and smoothies gaining in popularity, this product line combines a double whammy of two good things - kale and juicing. The line contains three different "blends" of greens and targets specific nutrients to benefit specific health goals. Kale-icious Cardio for cardiovascular health and performance; Lean ‘N Green to help support weight management; and Nutri-Kickin’ Greens to help boost the body’s immune system.

As a new product line, the design needed to speak to the "do-it-yourself" juicer target market and grab their attention. The hand-drawn look helps make it look "local" and healthy, and the whimsical scenes help to draw interest. The white of the package also helps it stand out from other products on shelf, and each scene incorporates a window to see the freshness of the product. The project consisted of the identity and package design and was rolled out in select stores.

Juicing NuGreens Logo Juicing NuGreens Packaging
Juicing NuGreens Kale-icious Cardio Packaging
Juicing NuGreens Lean 'N Grean Packaging
Juicing NuGreens Nutri-Kickin Greens Packaging