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Cut 'N Clean Greens


This brand identity initiative involved a complete redesign from the ground up. The project included all aspects of communications including: packaging, print collateral, in-store signage, advertising, trade show displays, support material and website design. The logo uses the "N" as a visual play on words while the leaf makes it uniquely Cut 'N Clean Greens.

With no established brand and little to go on, other than a name and simple bag graphics, we initiated a comprehensive design strategy. First was to develp a logo that had a strong presence on shelf that would drive consumer awareness. Second was to marry that with an equally strong but flexible graphics system. Shelf presence among the competition was busy and tended to blend together. Our design strategy was to do the opposite – bold color, simple graphics, identifying colors for each product variety. The result: a product that jumps off the shelves, drives brand awareness and helped launch the company to be the #1 selling brand of cooking greens in the U.S.

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